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Guys get ready for the movie Raabta hope you all are heartily waiting for the movie as from the songs of the movie we can see Sushant Singh and Kriti Sanon are enjoying the movie, from the trailer we can get an idea that the film could be romantic and their combination in the trailer and songs is looking awesome and they have done their best in the teaser to impress their fans, as they both have a huge fan following and in the movie they both are looking like a cute couple, but still we are not aware of the story line.

Raabta Movie First Day Box Office Collection

In this movie, they both have given a very different role and sigh Rajput is a lady killer, But the next girl he lays eyes on, Saira (Sanon), will kill his long streak. In this movie Saira fell in love with Jim Sarbh name as Zack and after when she met Shiv she get attracted towards him, as she get the same feelings which she had for Zack and in this movie we gonna see love triangle between three of them and hope the story would be liked by the viewers and audience will give their love and support to the movie. So do watch Raabta Movie Images, Wallpapers, Posters

Due to some reason Zack and Saira get far away from each other and then she met Shiv, as he was a lady killer but after looking into her eyes he get fell in love with her, is hasShe talks to herself in the mirror and tells us, by its way, that she’s been experiencing weird tribal nightmares. Even though the movie seems to be great and technically sounds to be good. Scenes of the have to be taken in different frames and the shooting of the movie is done in different countries as we can see through the trailer.

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From this movie, you can not stop yourself loving it because the story of this movie is a little bit emotional and full of drama. In this film, we can see the beautiful couple flirting with chocolates and flowers.This movie is basically made for those lovers who are mad for each other, but Raabta relies on this kind of forced love rather than the force of love.In this movie, Sushant Singh Rajput has done fine acting but lacks the casual charm required to make the self-important Shiv lovable. Raabta Movie Second Day Box Office Collection. As his looks are very cute in this movie and he is looking awesome with Kriti Sanon and we can say that they are made for each other.

This movie is related to the Tollywood hit movie Magadheera but this time people are expecting some changes in the movie and they are not aware of it that this movie is a remake of Magadheera but this time the director has made it very different and the story line is also not familiar with that movie which has been released earlier, in this movie there are a couple of men in weird Game Of Thrones cosplay while she’s dressed like an extra from Shah Rukh Khan’s Asoka, and something dramatic and scary is happening underwater.

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